Saturday, April 09, 2005

Habitat for Mrs. 9Driver’s Sanity

Days of GWB’s presidency: 1539
Days of incomplete home renovation project: 210

Pssst. You out there, the politically astute blog reader who regularly tunes in for my husband and brother-in-law’s observations; knock it off, you’re only encouraging them.

On September 12, the walls came tumbling down. The project includes a new kitchen,bathroom, family room, closet and represents 400 square feet of new and renovated space. Pilot guy is doing the work himself. Oh sure, we’ve contracted out a few things thither and yon, but 85% of the labor is his. And when he’s on the computer researching and writing, he’s not working. While his long battles with flu and tendonitis that put the work months behind were certainly out of 9driver’s control, and the long planned trip eldest kid and I took didn’t help productivity either, the biggest culprit in time management seems to be the Bush presidency.

Stop the insanity. When you read this and send a reply message or pass on the link to other like-minded folk, he believes that the blog work is time well spent. He seems to think there might be intelligent life out there. Uh oh. Does that mean that he hasn’t found intelligent life at home?

Well have a heart. We have a refrigerator, eating area, toaster oven and microwave in the dining room. Do not run the latter two simultaneously; the breaker blows. The kitchen space remnant hosts sink, coffee maker and electric skillet. In the big scheme of things, we are a fortunate family; the kids and I are well aware of this. When they had to sit wrapped in blankets at the dining room table on cold Minnesota mornings before the school bus came, I made sure to tell them so. Every month or so, I prepare and serve dinner at a women’s homeless shelter. Yes, I can turn out some mighty good food without a traditional kitchen. Anyway after they are served, we join them at the table to share the meal, and I am humbled by their courage and fortitude and a little shamed by my desire for cupboards and countertops. How dare I complain about an awkward living space when I’m fortunate enough even to have one?

However, I have finally decided that it’s time to start tapping my foot impatiently.

Please know that I have meditated on this conundrum: my self-centered existence versus his need to right the wrong of the 2000 election. It’s eating at him in a way that a lack of counter space could never haunt me. Plus I learned that the instructions about what foods not to prepare in a toaster oven are best viewed as guidelines. Pot pies work fine if you just tinker with the heat setting a bit.

But I’ve come to look at it this way; the man is still president. And we can expect that he will be after walls and lighting fixtures are installed. Providing that work gets completed before the next election.